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Sizzling Attraction

Sizzling Attraction
Part of the Elan Isle series:

2nd Edition

Prequel to Elan Isle BDSM Romance series

Groomed to be the next governor of Texas, Madison Barnet comes across as cold and inflexible. Her family paints her as strong, unyielding, and able to get anything done. While that can be true, she also craves the attention of a dominant man. Since it’s such a shameful idea, she denies herself. Until she meets Beau.

Beau Trey’s a bronc rider in Dallas to see family. He’s charming, easy going, and can dazzle any woman in a mile’s radius. Behind the charm, he’s dominant and loves being in charge. He has a thing for tall, gorgeous, and self-confident. When he meets Madison, he expects another fling. But when their instant fascination ignites, their lust bursts into flame.

Can they survive the fallout of their sizzling attraction?

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:
Reviews:NancyB on Amazon wrote:

5 stars

Very happy reader

This book is so well written. It was such a nice addition to the series, the storyline is unique and not something that I have found much of in the Kindle World, the characters are complex for a novella, this is so well thought out that I actually read in February and am just now writing the review, and the minute I clicked the cover the storyline came back to me full force, to me that says it was done right!

J.R.H. on Amazon wrote:

4 Stars

Beau and Maddie light up the pages. From start to finish this story was hot. I love me a Dom Cowboy.

This second edition is not on Amazon. if you need a mobi for your Kindle, you can get one from either the A Thia Thing Store or Smashwords.